The global offshore architecture and its impact on developing countries

The financialization process of the world economy and, with that, the deregulation and liberalization of international finances exacerbated the opacity of offshore financial centers (tax havens). Simultaneously, capital flight expanded significantly in peripheral countries. It is necessary to develop an international regulatory framework to address this burdensome situation, which will complement national fiscal systems to eliminate tax and financial secrecy.

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Scoundrels’ democracy

There is much disappointment and sadness in the country. But this affliction will not be in vain. It is a night we will bring us a dawn of hope that we will overcome this crisis towards a society -in the words of Paulo Freire "less evil" and where "it will not be so difficult to love."

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The destructive offshore world: what to do about its expansion?

A new financial structure, a global tax authority, and the UN system reform are some of the critical challenges to address in light of the expansion of the offshore world. To offset the prevailing tendencies, new and urgent responses to varied questions must be provided, among others: regarding the common good, ecological and population challenges, the extension of sectarian (either state or parastatal) violence, chaotic migrations of the desperation, outbreaks rooted in growing inequality as well as the universal crisis of political systems.

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