_ – About the beginning and the end of things
_ – About today’s excluded
_ – About never being satisfiedAbout the beginning and the end of things

The human being is better prepared for the beginning of things than for their end.

Quoted by Loreley Gaffoglio

About today’s excluded

It is the irrevocability of their eviction and the dimness of the chances to appeal the verdict that makes the contemporary excluded into “dangerous classes”.

Zygmunt Bauman
About never being satisfied

“The life of the foolish, said Epicurus, is unpleasant and restless: all of it is directed toward the future.” Hence they live in vain, incapable of ever becoming satiated, of ever being satisfied, of ever being happy; they do not live, they get prepared to live, as Seneca said, they expect to live, as Pascal said, since they yearn for what they have lived or, more often, for what they have not lived.

André Comte-Sponville

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