Perception of what happens in complex realities

With some frequency, societies accept what is known despite being harmful, as they are fearful or hindered in addressing the transforming changes that would benefit them. Here is where concentrated power intervenes manipulating opinions, colonizing minds, and formatting subjectivities by, it is worth not to ignore, taking advantage of some social and individual characteristics that result in fertile ground for imposing their domination. Indeed, although the dynamic of any society involves environmental, sanitary, technological, political, demographic uncertainties, among many others, populations are not adept at receiving surprises that affect their functioning. One might expect the opposite that prudently and firmly they would process the internal and context changes as are occurring while transforming themselves as best as possible. Fear of changing, being legitimate or induced, joins concentrated power in facilitating domination reproduction.

Oppressors create bubbles of false knowledge sustained misleadingly. For that, they reduce as much as possible the complexities that reality presents. They need to proceed with reductionisms and cropping of what is happening to impose with feigned precision their postulates and perspectives. If those reductionisms were lifted, deceits and misinformation would become exposed. By concealing the tension that exists between complexity and precision in perception, the clarification process is compromised, preventing us to see that without transforming changes sufferings spread.

If we finally advance, we will need to keep the alerts on because there is a diversity of options; some liberate, others just change the type of domination. In that effort, being bogged down by details and pettiness hinders facing desires and most important objectives. Today, the impious double pandemic sanitary and neoliberalism, contradictorily, presents an opportunity for shaking off beliefs and ways of facing reality. Lifting the veils and uncovering the deceits create conditions to choose other very different courses and ways of functioning. Let us hope that care for the entire humanity and the attacked planet, our Mother Earth, will prevail.


The Editors

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