Paranoia and the new ultra-rights

Denial poles with a clear paranoid drive constitute the new inscription area for the ultra-rightist future. 

In the different texts where Nietzsche and Heidegger, after the so-called death of God, anticipate the current nihilism, we can appreciate one of the keys of the so-called contemporary neoliberalism. Nihilism in this case is that modernity founding-values (truth, democracy, equality, justice, etc.) have lost their references and meaning. They became interchangeable, multiplying their significance until hollowing out of their original sense. It is not about not having values, but rather that none is worth anything by itself.

The death of God implies the disappearance of truth and its replacement by hearsay and the incessant eagerness for novelty that, despite having the appearance of “values,” can be absolutely contradictory regarding the interests at stake, without having any consequences. We can defend Liberty at any cost and at the same time traditional morale and the most rancid misogyny; we can defend the Nation in front of foreigners and at the same time make all the possible maneuvers to sell sovereignty to financial capital.

This prophetic anticipation of Nietzsche and Heidegger can be related to Freudian-Lacanian studies regarding paranoid psychosis. Furthermore, in my opinion, they allow a more profound reading about the occurred nihilism.

According to Lacan, in the paranoid personality, a certainty prior to any truth and immune to any argumentative demonstration, the Other, who pulls the strings, deceives us, plays with us as if we were puppets, seeks to take away a sacred treasure, which is inside us and thus must found a new order to put things into place again.

In the nihilism of paranoia, there is a constitutive unbelief in the Other, to whom an absolute power is granted in an imaginary manner. This “deceiver” Other can be figured and represented by communism, Venezuela, foreigners, vaccines, populism, leaders or women with great political personality, etc. In this way, the anchorage points that supported Truth and its inherent fragility are substituted by resentful certainties.

As Nietzsche anticipated, in the current trend of the world, there is a great social reservoir of hate; as well as death drive, as Freud was able to elucidate. XXI century shows that there is no social neurosis but rather social psychosis.

Delusional certainties of denialism that once again put the Central West at the abyss constitute an achieved testimony of this issue. Beyond the different hybridizations that form the agenda of current ultra-rights, the common element that we find in them is that Democracy is a hideout for evil intruders that respond to an Other that has no rules and, thus, must be destroyed.

The true success of paranoid operation is legitimating its excessive and obscene hatred with permanent allegations and imputations to an alleged lawless Other.

In other words, in paranoia there is a specular inversion, their complainant hatred is the hostile response to an Other that threatens us. An Other invented by the own paranoid structure. For that, Memories of a psychopath by Daniel Paul Screber read by Freud, could be thought as a prefiguration of the national-socialism ideology.

At the same time, as the pandemic already shows, denialist poles of clear paranoid calling constitute a new inscription surface for the ultra-right future.

Published in Pagina12, November 28, 2021

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