Latin America standing up

A second opportunity opens up in this twenty-first century for Latin America to rise again. People-based governments were elected in almost all countries. They arrive after suffering the neoliberal obscurantism that, as it always does, indebted several countries to unsustainable levels, aggravated the concentration of wealth with an immense drain of resources that escaped to fiscal havens, tried to neutralize the main leaders of the democratic parties, impoverished middle and popular sectors, dismantled social protection networks,  deepened the fragmentation of societies with deception and hatred, resigned sovereignty and significance in the international arena. The context is undermined with setbacks, outrages that are wounds difficult to heal, with sectors of the media and the judiciary that remain ready to grind and condition as much as possible the new regional freewill. The coming years and challenges to face will not be easy.

There is no lack of determination and commitment on the part of those who now lead Latin American governments, a good combination of young people with hardened fighters. The region aims to engage with everyone. Non-intrusive collaboration will be welcome, without demands to align with biased geopolitical interests, demanding mutual respect, the pluralistic vocation, the right to explore better ways of functioning. Perhaps the region can contribute to world peace, equity, and justice between countries and within each society, with its own cultures, idiosyncrasies, and modalities.

There is no room for naivety or selfishness. The new leadership does not carry revenge but hope and need for change. It will be necessary to dismantle the engines that sustain the concentration of wealth and decision-making power; it is not acceptable to tolerate the trenches that shelter privilege. It is time to move towards full democracies, to take care of everyone and the environment. We certainly hope so.


The Editors

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