Induced divisionism

Since remote times and even today, those who seize power defending minority interests need to coopt followers from other spaces to secure sustainability. They achieve that manipulating public opinion, colonizing minds, buying wills, also with repression. They preach to spread hate, fears, bamboozling whoever they can to turn them into fervent defenders of interests that are alien to them. They establish fundamentalisms that obscure what is evident and give way to revengeful champions.

At the same time, they need to stir up confrontations within the opponent side by reinforcing contradictions, meanness, and perversions. They finance campaigns full of deceits and falsehoods to produce resentment and slander that lead to induced divisionism. “Divide to conquer.”

Face with that, there are no magical protections. It is necessary to work hard to grow in determination and clarification, strengthen social organizations, address the induce divisionism and respond with solid political coalitions. We need to adopt inclusive procedures, perceive with realism the diversity of situations to address, understanding the consequences of different public policies. The purpose must be a guide. A promissory one with the singularities of each case is to dismantle the unbridled concentration of wealth and decisional power to establish country projects orientated towards caring for all and the environment.


The Editors

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