From withstanding subjugation to establishing equity and justice

Social and environmental consequences of neoliberalism are unbearable. The unbridled concentration of wealth and consequent decisional power infringe a merciless punishment onto popular majorities so that an appropriating minority can dive into swamps of greed and opulence. They have fragmented life in community and destroyed vital processes for planetary functioning. Those who have erected themselves as helmspersons of the world block with their power whatever can compromise their preeminence. However, the resistance to the subjugation expands through niches, cracks, in all latitudes. It is time to establish equity and justice in the economy, culture, health, education, politics, judiciary, the media and so on.

We will have to transit through spaces and times without ingenuity and fatalisms. Valuing the clarification and organization, unity while preserving identities over divisionism, solidarity and caring for the other, protection of the planet, our Mother Earth.


The Editors

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