Fairness, justice, solidarity, not even mercy or compassion?

No person, no economic group, no country could have accumulate so excessively wealth and decisional power just with their own effort. Always, openly or concealed, they have done it taking advantage of other persons, other economic groups, other countries. It is impossible to explain not moderate but enormous inequalities without considering some degree, some modality of appropriating what others had generated. The power abuse of some caused punishment and falling behind of so many. Some few live in opulence at the expense of leaving majorities in poverty, indigence or very much lower level of well-being.    

How much more greed without limit, power eagerness, mental and existential alienation of those who dominate countries and the world will grow. We know that large inequalities end in recurrent crisis of systemic instability, where a lot suffer and a few overcome them becoming even more powerful. At the same time, greedy actions damage the planet compromising human and other species life. They ignore that the planet forceful response will affect all including the privileged sectors. More and more social and environmental margins to sustain this destructive path stretches; retaining walls were not able to hold back forever the frustration of entire societies.

Sanitary pandemic implies the overflow of virus, germs and bacteria. There have been others in the past and most of the world considered them fleeting accidents. Nowadays a new variety of coronavirus affects the word, the frightening COVID 19. What was the world reaction? A lot of improvisation and the brave work of those that make the sanitary system, nurses, doctors and other professional. The call is for vaccinate everybody. Immunization for all? No, as usual, first the powerful countries, then the rest. Fairness, justice, solidarity, not even mercy or compassion? What does that means, ask the dominating interests.

It hurts, those conducts deeply hurt.

In spite of everything, no one will give up our determination.


The Editors

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