2020: deepening the clarification

Understanding what happens requires passing through information barriers that real power establishes to ignore or obscure facts; they only inform about what is functional to their interests. But that is not enough, we also need to work on our capacity for interpreting what happens because they have colonized our minds brutally, formatting subjectivities to numb and tie down free wills. It is a double critical challenge, knowing and interpreting, keep looking for ways of accessing veracious information regarding what happens, together with interpreting events without the ideological biases that cloud comprehension. It is a stumbling path for our existential trajectory, sense and significance of life itself.

We have to be alert to the diverse alienation modalities in which we flounder. It is not by chance the drug addiction that replaces reality, neither is the unbridled consumerism that makes us believe that by wrapping us in more goods we will be happier, nor the liquid relationships (from the harvest of a great social thinker) that transform love and friendship into liquids.

It is harsh and selfish being each on its own, the “every man for himself”, deviating the look away from the suffering of so many, the endless greed stepping over heads and exploiting large vulnerable majorities. Why can’t we hold those who stumble, the other who is corner up, solidarity among all, firm protection of the planet, love for Mother Earth.

It is true, we will have to give way to a new geopolitics, union of peoples, another social and individual walks. It is not a new march as humanity is already walking since ancient times. And, however, the new to carve is the singularity of the searches that each generation addresses to build a better world, each day, each year; also in 2020.


The Editors

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