Until when!

Thousands, millions of “until when” mark out humanity’s development. Today, XXI century, they are once again resounding in innumerable countries, cities, parks, neighborhoods of the Global Village.

Until when the domination, until when the injustice, inequity, inequality, poverty, indigence; until when the punishments, humiliations, treasons; until when the indignation of the sufferers, the desperation of those who can no longer resist?

Until when will dominators be allowed to conceal their interests, practice their opulence with impunity? Do we ignore that there is no extreme wealth that was not accumulated at the expense of large majorities, the exploited, oppressed, displaced, and muzzled? How can we explain that 40-50 people have so much, so much more, wealth than 3.7 billion people, half of the world’s population do?

From the bottom of history, with or without words, beyond any political party or ideology that has hoisted it, it has germinated in the peoples’ heart such motto, such sentiment, such plea that says, “The people united will never be defeated.” It is true; it is like that. However, so many times felt, so many times distorted; because of induced divisionism, stinginess, narcissism, fanaticism, ignorance, and so many ghosts that have been inoculated on us. The combination of “united people” and “never defeated” keeps challenging our sanity, our clarification, our generosity and intelligence, our determination and freewill to rise up above our own subtleties, fears, selfishness, large or small cowardice. United, yes, in the diversity that enriches, in the respect, and solidarity that exalts.

It shocks, so mind bending until when!


The Editors,

PD: Adagio en mi país  explains it in firm verses. It is worth listening to, both for the first time by those who do not know it, and once more by those of us who feel empowered when we rekindle it.

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