To curb clarification, fake news and judicial war

With further popular clarification, risk of losing its preeminence increases for economic power. Counterpoint is not new, rather it is almost a constant in humanity’s history. What does change are the modalities against which popular clarification confronts. From brutal blows with a stick to feudal repression; from military coup d’état to fake news and judicial wars (law fare). The latter is what prevails today in almost every country of the world. To implement this way of submission, which complements others that powerful minorities practice to worsen and accelerate wealth concentration, such power strived to build a media network that operates coordinated at global level. Moreover, it was able to coopt certain judges and prosecutors to distort any law and normative on its favor. Therefore, freeing thus captured democracies includes as a strategic factor dismantling the oligopolistic media and selecting independent judges and prosecutors who are not bribable by economic power.

What is critical is that until those objectives can be materialized, it is not enough though necessary, to resist and unveil hatred and violence generated as fake news and judicial wars. Moreover, together with expanding clarification over how large majorities are subdued through colonization of their minds and harsh formatting of their subjectivities, we will need to devise effective alternatives. There is a variety of experiences doing this hard task that is fundamental to support and encourage.


The Editors

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