The very rich live in abundance, the very poor in indigence.

The very rich live a life of opulence while many very poor die of hunger, cold, malnutrition, curable diseases. Between these two extremes, middle classes become narrower and slide down to multiple shortages. Why is this happening before the eyes of the world?

It is an outrage to confirm that 50 people have the same wealth as 7 billion human beings. Fifty individuals, barely 50, and on the other side, let’s write down the whole number with all the zeros of the outrage: 7,000,000,000. Can this happen? It does happen and it is verified.

This means that on average each one of those 50 persons has a fortune equal to that of 140,000 unprotected people of this world. And we say “on average” because the 10 richest concentrate much more wealth than the 40 that follow them; it is outrageous. It is not tolerable that this might happen and nevertheless it happens.

There is no lack of scoundrels that have wanted to naturalize this howling mayhem; as if there were no options; with their lies sold as truths, their purposes concealed.

The impact is terrible and tremendous the reasons that explain it.

Rights for being humans

It is well-known the impact that such terrible concentration of wealth generates. Billions of beings unprotected, deprived of everything we believed were established rights for the entire population of the planet: appropriate food, health, education, housing, work and all the other so-called human rights. That is, rights for being humans; not for being rich or very rich; just for being humans.

This destructive impact over human beings goes hand-in-hand with the destructive impact over the environment that puts at risk the own life of those of us who share this planet. There are deniers, as those who deny the impact of wars, epidemics, tobacco, hard drugs. However, climate change is here with us, so is pollution of waters, soil, and the own air we breathe. When those dynamics of the planetary beat are broken, they are hard if not impossible to restore. It is not scaremongering but rather a huge existential risk that greed and irresponsibility of some have imposed on the whole humanity.

Why does this madness happen?

Concentration of wealth is an ancient fact. It always existed, only that nowadays it has reached such magnitude and speed that it lead us into a social and environmental abyss. No one can believe that some of those 50 persons and other thousands that follow them have accumulated such wealth with the sweat of their brows. There is no chance that such thing happens if it is not by appropriating the results of the work of billions of people.

Some of those mechanisms (concentration engines) are illegal and others legal, because the powerful have imposed laws that established them. Norms and deregulations that asphyxiate the unprotected do not come from a divine power but rather from the imposition of the powerful that try to legalize larceny, abuse, and their debauchery. With other laws and regulations they would not be able to frenziedly concentrate wealth and consequent decisional power. That is, the power to control States, establish public policies that secure their interests, subduing defenseless victims so they do not resist domination by colonizing minds and formatting subjectivities at their convenience. For that they count on unscrupulous complicities, endless moral faults in their actions, from sectors of politics, media, judiciary, educational system, think tanks that they finance, and traitors encysted in labor and territorial organizations. Alleged defenders of those who they represent, they surreptitiously respond to their conscience buyers.

Alfredo Zitarrosa in his Adagio en mi país explained that a traitor can handle a thousand courageous people and, unfortunately, that is what happens. Where there are politicians sold or being blackmailed with committed felonies, media that misinform or conceal what happens, venal judges or prosecutors, educational centers that alienate their students, think tanks that provide ideological coverage to dominators, social, labor, or religious leaders that turn their backs on their communities, many courageous people will have to advance circumventing ambushes, misinformation of many, fear of some, and cowardice of others.

Today, as always, a major challenge is to recognize and support the courageous; standup and grow in clarification, contribute what we know and can. There is where lineage of a fair, responsible, pacific and determined people nests; with an epic to carve.

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