The “powerful” who do not care about the planet and humanity

We ask (though not naively) what might be inside the minds of those “powerful” who do not care whether their decisions or behaviors negatively affect humanity and the planet? Do they live so alienated that they cannot recognize the impacts of their decisions? Are their interests, ambitions, greed or avarice more important than their people are? Do they care to know that natural systems that support life in the planet are seriously threatened? Do they believe the arguments with which they shield themselves, those that when their decisions punish entire populations or destroy the environment are called “collateral damages” or “externalities” allegedly unwanted but definitely foreseeable? A way of concealing their misdeeds is using sinuous ways of distancing their own decisions from their destructive effects. We see that in many dimensions of the world’s functioning.

In Geopolitics section, we observe how the pandemic can reinforce the authority of the State or its authoritarian nature. In Development section, we analyze how the fearful Appropriator financial fabrics operate and we talk about BlackRock, the largest investment fund, to exemplify how decisions made in their own advantage go downward up to affecting the enterprises, suppliers, workers and entire countries that struggle for restructuring unsustainable indebtedness. In Transformations section, the author crosses the intensity of contemporaneous lethal process with the option of living together in peace, solidarity, justice, caring for Mother Earth.

With Opinion Sur last July issue, Juliana Silveira, our dearest Portuguese translator, retired. Juliana irradiates affection and serious professionalism. We wish she could remain part of the team for many more years, as in more than one sense, she is already part of our family.


The Editors

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