Terminal corruption

Terminal corruption endangers the planet and humanity; it entails an infinitely larger damage than the micro, small or middle corruption that large media networks persist on showing time after time.

Who does not know a small family restaurant, a neighborhood bakery, or a hardworking small auto repair shop that do not issue official bills for their sells? They act in a similar way as some independent professionals, small plumbers, locksmiths and so many other occasional service providers. How can we qualify such conduct? In principle, it is tax evasion, an offense that is sanctioned by fiscal laws. Having said that, which would be the assessment of that conduct if the eventual taxpayer were strenuously fighting for the survival of his/her family in an overwhelmingly adverse economic context? Should they be sent to prison, should we turn a blind eye, or should the society as a whole address and solve the adverse context?

A dimension of this “adverse context” is that small evaders are chased while large taxpayers evade astronomic sums with impunity. We ought to remember that two thirds of the moneys hidden in fiscal havens belong to large international corporations and affluent people, 30% to organized crime, and 5% to corruption of officials, lawyers, judges and alike. That flow of ill-gotten assets keeps swelling criminals’ wealth year after year without being recognized as such: they keep memberships to exclusive clubs and social circles, they brag as philanthropists with the leftovers they pledge to charities they choose, they talk and dress with stringent neatness, they hypocritically give speeches on morality, and indifferent to the pain they infringe they present themselves as champions of civility.

Another dimension of the “adverse context for majorities” is that, with their power, white-collar criminals appropriate a good part of the value others generate, accumulating without mercy or consideration for those who are abused. For that, they have a myriad of mechanisms for extracting value that they definitely know how to use. Moreover, they can count on the complicity of sectors of politics, the media, and the judiciary who profit under their shadow. To make matters worse, they manage to capture democracies either by manipulating public opinion, destabilizing popular-base governments or directly overthrowing them by force, or with rigged deposing operations.

Additionally, this unfavorable context for the majorities is also unfavorable for the planet that—through greed and unbridled quest for profit—suffers the irresponsible assault on critical natural resources and the alteration of essential life cycles of all living beings.

At the base of such “adverse context for majorities and the planet” there is an increasingly accelerated process of wealth concentration that allows for 1% of the world’s population and their accomplices to have seized the rudder of global trajectories. Alienated helmspersons lead us all to a dead end alley.

Even though every corruption is reprehensible, large corruption has a destructive power of enormous gravity: it enervates social functioning and destroys nature, it exalts injustice, greed and selfishness, it consolidates inequality, poverty is reproduced along an irresponsible and fatuous consumption, it captures our democracies and distorts the way they function, and by growing unlimitedly corruption becomes terminal compromising life own reproduction.

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