Sharing efforts with fair distribution of results

Dominators always promised fortunate futures (and they still do) while they profit boundlessly present after present; such fortunate future works as carrot for the unwary. It is despicable to call for “sharing” efforts without securing that the results will not be appropriated by privilege but rather distributed to reduce income inequality and, hopefully, patrimonial inequality as well. If not, the outrageous concentration of wealth and the consequent decisional power will blow out of proportion more and more. Neither the fiscal restructuring nor the dismantling of the sovereign over-indebtedness should be charged on the most vulnerable: make the great evaders that flight their ill-gotten capitals cope with it.

Despite the many trickeries, lies, and repressions with which our minds are subdued and our subjectivities molded, it is critical and possible to change course and transform the way of functioning that has been imposed on us. We should clarified ourselves to clarify others and unite in solid organizations able to overcome fatuous divisionism that integrate groups and perspectives with more in common than differences. Experience teaches that we should be aware of manipulators and those prone to betray in exchange for payment or power crumbs.

No one says that it is simple but it is needed for the wellbeing of peoples and caring of the precious planet that shelters us.


The Editors

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