Scoundrels’ democracy

It is difficult to remain silent after witnessing the disastrous and shameful session of the House of Representatives who voted against the admission of a process against President Temer promoted by the Supreme Federal Tribune for the crime of passive corruption.

What the meeting showed was the real nature of our democracy that denies itself. If we measure it by the minimum predicates of any democracy that are: respect for popular sovereignty, respect for the fundamental rights of citizens, searching for a minimum equality in society, stimulation of participation, the common good as well a recognizable public ethics, it presents itself as a farce and denial of herself.

It is not even a democracy of very low intensity. This time, with noble exceptions, it was revealed as a den of people who have been reported on crimes, corrupt and thieves standing roadside ready to steal cents from citizens.

How would they vote in favor of opening a trial on the president by the Supreme Federal Tribunal if about 40% of current deputies face various types of processes before the Supreme Court? There is always a secret conspiracy among criminals or those accused as such, in the style of famiglie as within the Mafia.

Never in my long and weary existence had I heard a candidate sell his/her place or any of his/her assets to finance the campaign, but rather s/he always resorted to entrepreneurs and other wealthy individuals to finance their millionaire election. Cashier 2 was naturalized and fabulous tips were growing from campaign to campaign as the exchanges of benefits increased.

This time, the Planalto Palace became the main cave of the great Ali Baba who distributed goods in the open air, promised millions in subsidies and even offered other benefits to buy votes in his favor. This fact alone merited an investigation on open and scandalous corruption in the eyes of those who maintain a minimum of ethics and decency, especially the townsfolk who was deeply horrified and embarrassed.

Indeed, no Brazilian deserved such humiliation to the point that many felt ashamed of being Brazilian.

Parliamentarians, including senators, first represent the corporate interests of those of who financed their campaigns than those of the citizens who elected them.

We have had enough time to clearly perceive the sense of the parliamentary coup done in complicity with the judiciary and with the massive support of corporate media: dismantle the social progresses obtained by the poorest sectors of the population, which was always, from the days of the colony, as senior mulatto historian Capistrano de Abreu would say: “castrated and re-castrated, bled and bled dry.” As well as aligning Brazil with the imperial logic of USA instead of having an “active and proud” foreign policy.

Oligarchic classes (Jessé Souza, former president exonerated of IPEA by the current president, gives us the exact number: 71,440 super-rich, whose monthly income, usually by the financialization of the economy, reaches 600 thousand reais per month), never accepted that someone coming from the base of the pyramid and representative of the survivors of the historical tribulation of the sons and daughters of poverty, came to occupy the center of power. They were startled to see them present in airports and shopping malls, places of their exclusivity. They should be returned to where they should have never left: the periphery and the favela. Not only do they want them far away, they go further: they hate and humiliate them and they spread out this inhuman feeling throughout the media. The people is not the hater, as it is confirmed by Jessé Souza, but the wealthy who exploit than and with sadness and legal obligations pay their miserable wages. Why pay them if they can always work for free as it was in old times?

Historians of the stature of José Honorio Rodrigues, among others, have shown that whenever descendants and updaters of the Casa Grande perceive transformative social policies of the living conditions of the poor and marginalized, they organize a coup d’état for fear of losing their scandalous level of accumulation, considered one of the highest in the world. They do not defend rights for all, but privileges of some, that is, theirs. The current coup obeys the same logic.

There is much disappointment and sadness in the country. But this affliction will not be in vain. It is a night we will bring us a dawn of hope that we will overcome this crisis towards a society -in the words of Paulo Freire “less evil” and where “it will not be so difficult to love.”


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