Regarding Africa writing its own history
“Day will come when history will talk. But it will not be the history taught in Brussels, Paris, Washington or United Nations … Africa will write its own history, in the north and in the south, and it will be a history of glory and dignity.”
Letter from Thysville prison to Mrs. Lumumba
Patrice Lumumba

Regarding inflation numbers that conceal very different realities
It is not the same to have inflation because the relative price of “salaries” increases than having it because relative prices of “dollar” and “utility rates” increase. The effects of moving one or other prices have a high impact in the distribution of income, activity level, and living conditions of majorities. Two similar inflation numbers can hide very different realities. They are about simple details that will never be told by the media of the regime.
Claudio Scaletta

Regarding women that fly
Always had fear
Of women who could fly.
Being them
Being them
Verses that arrived anonymously

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