Regarding XXI century China

In a country such as China, with 5,000 years of history and a population of 1.4 million people, no manual can be considered a golden rule and there is no one master who can give people orders. We will definitely change what can be reformed and we will certainly not change what cannot be changed. We must strengthen the development of the state economy and, at the same time, promote, support, and guide the development of the non-state economy. China will never grow at the expense of other countries’ interests, but it will not surrender its legitimate rights and interests. China’s development is not a threat.

Xi Jinping


Regarding true corruption

If the spheres of market and politics existed as differentiated areas governed by different logics, then, the true corruption would be to let the first one take control over the second one. Condoning enterprises’ debts with the State, financing private capital flight with public money, reducing taxes for exporters in the context of fiscal deficit, privatizing enterprises at vile prices, incurring public debt at usury rates, are all expressions of this type of corruption. Unlike the other type, the individual one, this corruption that we can call systemic, is hardly judiciable; everything can be done through the sanction of laws, with media backing, and judicial acquiescence. Therefore, the republican system suffers a total collapse, because the immoral business logic is imposed in every sphere of social life.

Cecilia Cross


Regarding the illusion of an equidistant communication

The illusion of enterprises and communication ventures as equidistant entities, aloof from every sectorial interest, as if they were touched by the virtue of working for the common good, is discredited and indubitably disproved worldwide.

Hugo Muleiro

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