Regarding what happens if politics pulls out

If politics pulls out (that is, if human beings abjure from mobilization and social organization to obtain new rights, or defend what they already have; if the State abandons its inclusion task), domination and hierarchy—that never ceased to be there, waiting for their restauration—will reestablish the “order of things,” frequently through vengeance, cruelty, and the most brutal social racism.

Diego Tatián


Regarding investment in financial markets

Monopolistic rent is not reinvested in production as there is no demand. Therefore, it escapes to invest in financial markets. Financial investments of this growing surplus is the only possibility for continuing with the accumulation controlled by monopolies. It is the so-called financialization of the economic system. The expansion of the investment in financial markets for the last quarter of the century has no precedence in history. The volume of transactions in these markets is more than 2.5 trillion dollars, while global GDP is 70 trillion dollars. In this sense, speculation is not an additional vice, it is a logical requisite of the system. The financialization has transferred the main responsibility in the control of the reproduction of this accumulation system to thirty large banks from the Triad USA-Europe-Japan.

Samir Amin


Regarding the juridical lock to avoid transformations

Beyond the political will to modify the neoliberal model in Mexico, there is the juridical fabric built to prevent the modification of its substantive aspects. It is not only about a lock, but also a complex system of locksmith concocted from the reforms approved by chambers, the resolutions of the National Supreme Court, the functioning of regulating organisms of the economy and the signature of free-trade agreements.

Gerardo Villagrán citando a Luis Hernández Navarro.

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