Regarding what we should debate about and solve after the flood

We should start thinking about the huge task that we will need to undertake after the flood. Central issues of our State and that we should debate about and solve are, for example: control of the presidential power, cabinet of ministers, federal co-participation, media plurality, legislative control over indebtedness, ownership of legislative seats, political parties’ financing, intelligence services, role of the Armed Forces, control over security agencies, constitutional tribunal, national cassation, judiciary council, defense of the environment, original peoples, participatory budgets, economic and social council, and a long etcetera.

Raúl Zaffaroni


Regarding entire peoples that throw themselves into the abyss

How is the neoliberalism today able not only to throw entire peoples into the abyss, but also that they throw themselves to the vacuum almost joyfully? When the objective is to suppress the collectives (that assemble multiple singularities), degrade ideals, exclude the other, abominate the past and solidarity, exacerbate debtor individualism, rally for cruelty, impose famine and disconnection with reality, there is no doubt that at the end of the tunnel there is only an abyss.

Sebastián Plut


Regarding the permanent instigation in favor of consumerism

The permanent instigation in favor of consumerism done by large chains expands that “aspirational” look from the middle sectors towards the poorer. The objective is that the excluded starts to feel that in order to overcome such situation s/he must not join in efforts with those of his/her same class but rather to bet on the individual merit. Instead of acting according to the social sector s/he belongs, s/he must do so having as reference the superior classes.

Carlos Raimundi

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