– About youth paths
– About ‘realistic’ individuals
– About not being more than what I am
About youth paths

A young man has three possibilities today: he can be cynical and enter the system’s logic; he can also be a nihilist, and sustain that the world is bad but that there is no possibility to change it, therefore the best alternative is to surrender to pleasure. But those possibilities gave way to a third one over time, that of finding a true and meaningful orientation that is not a simple integration to the world just as it is nor is it nihilistic abandonment.

Alain Badiou

About ‘realistic’ individuals

We already know that the so called ‘realistic’ individuals are those who do not see beyond their noses, mixing up Reality with a Two-Meter-Diameter-Circle, centered in their modest head. These provincial characters laugh at what they cannot grasp and deny whatever is left outside that circle.

Ernesto Sábato.

About not being more than what I am

I have never been more than what I am. A folk musician that contemplated the grey fog with eyes blinded by tears and wrote songs that floated in a luminous mist.

Bob Dylan

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