Regarding life as a gift and marvel

This is how we live and die, to be, to have, and to share happiness, for us and for others we love life as a gift and a marvel. Sharing freedom, dignity, and hope in each thousandth part of available time, is to brighten life, keeping it peaceful and useful, with sense of community with what lives and what is lived, light, air, earth, water. Although we die, shared happiness remains and expands.

Betsy Salazar

Regarding the interest of companies’ shareholders

Even though shareholders tend to invest in companies that are managed according to their interests, not everybody has the same short-term financial interests. If they do not like how the company is managed, they can sell their shares. In fact, the average share holding of a large enterprise listed on the stock market are less than three months. Those who want to maximize their benefits probably hold on to them for even shorter periods. It is a fallacy to argue that shareholders want the welfare of the enterprise. Shares are an instrument for increasing wealth. Vast majority has no other commitment with the future of the company.

Antonio Vives

Regarding fighting among us

We come from a neoliberal wave that destroyed the State and associativism as idea. It told us that man was a wolf and that, as wolves, we had to fight among ourselves.

Mario Cafiero

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