Regarding generating fear and hate

In the era of social media, myths or “necessary illusions” for generating fear and hate have a special add-on, the work of the manipulator, to activate and lead manifest or latent tendencies of the electorate to paroxysm through the penetration into the accounts of millions of Facebook users.

Marcelo Justo

Regarding antagonism

Antagonism is not the condition of violence, but rather the opposite; it is the transformation of violence as it gives it visibility, expression, and means of resolution. Violence, in any case, deploys when tendency to suppress antagonism prevails.

Sebastián Plut

Regarding satellite SAOCOM 18, fabricated in Argentina

This satellite will be able to measure humidity of soils, at not only the surface level but also one meter and a half deep. It is a very potent information for agribusiness. Moreover, radar instrument helps having pictures of the places it passes through, no matter if its day or night, whether there are clouds or volcanic ashes. It will also be useful for detecting fire focuses, delivering information on border areas at nighttime, and controlling illegal fishery.

Raúl Kulichevsky

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