Regarding informative intoxication

Informative intoxication is a communicational mechanism typical of extreme-right groups and people close to intelligence services. With an overabundance of hardly verifiable data, they try to create in the receptor a strong doubt regarding what is real and what is not. Elaborating theories, from a mixture of real historical facts with fantastic events. Quoting imaginary authors, or real authors but sometimes subtly out of context. Therefore, it is hard to follow their reasoning and refute them. Because, in such talkative mixture of facts and quotes they jump from scientific real data to common-use phrases such as “a friend of mine who is a doctor told me,” or “I know it because I’ve studied it,” or “we all know that such thing is not true,” etc. The first victim is common sense.

Aldo Duzdevich

Regarding a self-referential selfie

In a pre-digital era of photography, the message was “This is what I am seeing, what I saw.” When today the message is “I was there. I came, saw, and took a selfie.”

Jia Jia Fei, Digital Marketing Director of the Guggenheim Museum of New York

Regarding mortal pandemics

Mortal pandemics of this planet are hunger, wars, massive emigration. Are we aware that these endemic ills do not produce so much alarm, so much fear, so much panic?

José Luis Lanao

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