Regarding the planned obsolescence

In production, the theory about “planned obsolescence” rules. Most of what is produced has its days numbered. Objects are made to last a certain time. Thus, the consumer can buy new ones, in an endless repetitive chain. We live in a society for mass consumption of the same things that we must rebuy.

Mario Rapoport

Regarding a dangerous stupidity

What is really visible is the virus we know kills 5% or less of the affected, almost everybody over 65 years. You have the right not to believe. You can throw a “contagion party” as it is done in United States and try to immunize yourself. However, your right stops when for your level of stupidity you infect another person.

Aldo Duzdevich

Regarding the privatization of emotions (speaking about football)

In the ultraliberal logic of the market, everything is susceptible of being privatized: health, education, resources. It seems emotions, too.

José Luis Lanao

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