Regarding that crisis comes from the body

We are not prepared culturally for thinking stagnation as a long-term condition, we are not prepared for thinking frugality, sharing. We are not prepared for dissociating pleasure from consumption. (…) We are forced by overstimulation, constant acceleration, general competition and overexploitation with decreasing salaries. Now, the virus deflates the acceleration bubble. For the first time, crisis does not come from financial factors and not even from strictly economic factors, the game of supply and demand. Crisis comes from the body.

Franco Beradi

Regarding what there is in a gram of earth

In just one gram of earth, almost 10 billion bacteria from up to 6 thousand different species live there.

Edward O. Wilson

Regarding the wealthy paying more taxes

My 109 billion dollar fortune shows that the economy is not fair. I was disproportionately compensated for the work I did, while many others that work as hard as I did struggle for surviving. I am in favor of a tax system in which if you have more money you pay a higher percentage of taxes. The wealthy must pay more than what they pay today.

Bill Gates

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