Regarding democratic practice as technology of representation

Democracy has revealed incompatible with financial capitalism. In its modern sense, democracy presupposes the free formation of collective mind, of public opinion. At the same time, democracy presupposes the efficient potency of political action. Those conditions have been cancelled.

The media field, in the hands of economic power, systematically manipulates language, imagination, collective spheres. Moreover, human will, soul of political action, has become unadapt to manage, elaborate, critic, decide. Complexity and speed of connective sphere escape the potency of political mind and turn it impotent. The practice of democracy now is just a technology of the representation, nothing else.

Franco Berardi

Regarding power tendency towards excess

When institutional and regulatory barriers that restrained dominant powers drop, these resume action and explore in depth the new margins for maneuver that were granted to them because it is part of power logic to go till the end with whatever it can (that is, until it finds a new obstacle that forces it to stop). However, those obstacles no longer exist or are very few. And we cannot count on the spontaneous moderation of dominant powers as, having no internal regulation, power is committed to conquering as much as it can. Power tends to excess, that is why restraint always must come from outside.

Frédéric Lordon  

Regarding a “final solution” for conflicts

Society’s conflicts are political and institutions should manifest and express them instead of repressing them. It is not about denying them, but rather making something with them, granting them a political form, inventing an institutionality to express them. It is neither possible nor desirable a “final solution” for the conflicts.

Diego Tatián

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