Regarding liberating education

When education is not liberating, the dream of the oppressed is to be the oppressor.

Paulo Freire

Regarding a politics that pushes the limit of what is thinkable and possible

Political work would be fundamental for avoiding that the language with which a society thinks itself would be reduced to the binarism and conceptual poverty proposed by the media. In contrast, we should produce a more intense public discussion that mobilizes not only the tongue of politics, but also literature, music, and popular languages. A politics that is conceived as part of culture and that can push the limits of what is thinkable and possible.

Diego Tatián

Regarding hatred

Hatreds have never been eliminated. Rather, they have accumulated to form a social hatred that has religious, cultural, racial and gender edges. Some over others, articulated, have served since the Spanish conquest always for a larger objective: preserving highly unequal societies.

Florencia Saintout

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