Regarding the perplexity

Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Perplexity: consternation or hesitation regarding something

Regarding the yearning for justice

The transfer of generations that have had the will to change the world, the vision over present wills that had failed before, can be received as a treasure by those who follow and do not accept the inexorability of injustice. Not to repeat experiences but precisely not to do so, and thus honoring what should never be abandoned in history: the yearning for justice.

Diego Tatián

Regarding words

Of all the tools we have invented, undoubtedly words are the most wonderful and should have preceded another cathedral of the human mind: mathematics. It is worth underlying that they are so powerful that they are useful for both spurring and delaying, or even distorting the knowledge that allows us to understand the world around us.

Nora Bär

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