Regarding us, the survivals

We, the survivals

Who do we owe the survival?

Who died in my place in the dungeon?

Who received my bullet,

The one aimed at me, in his heart?

Over whose death am I alive?

Roberto Fernandez Retamar

Regarding the pure “individual merit”

Self-worth, what is socially understood as “living of the own work,” it always happens in interdependence; however, conditions that make it possible can remain invisible for the own subject. We cannot feel self-worth without webs and institutions that form the fabric on which each one’s life develops, but despite that, self-worth can be presented as pure “individual merit.”

Estela Grassi

Regarding the value of one dollar

United States produce dollars to buy what other countries produce. With what backup? Two: the Empire’s balls and pusillanimity of the rest of the world. It is clear, the dollar values what is worth, because in the end it is not worth a fart: it is supported by trust, the one that everybody sets on the dollar, or in the United States of America, who knows. I know it is little, but it is enough for now. Until trust goes to hell.  

Luis Casado

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