Regarding not disappearing but becoming ocean

It is said that before a river enters into the sea, it shakes out of fear. It looks behind, for all the traveled day, summits and mountains, the long and sinuous path that it went through jungles and peoples, and looks ahead a so vast ocean that entering it is just disappearing forever. But there is no other way. The river cannot turn back. No one can turn back. Turning back is impossible in the existence. The river needs to take risks and enter into the ocean. Only by entering into the ocean, the fear will subside, because just in that moment it will know that it is not about disappearing in it, but rather becoming ocean.

Khalil Gibran

Regarding poverty, markets, and financial speculation

Structural causes of poverty foremost reside in absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation. (…) This autonomy is defended by ideologies that deny the right of control by the States which are in charge of ensuring the general wellbeing.  (…) We cannot surrender with tied hands to an economy that kills.

Oscar Ojea, president of Argentina’s Episcopal Conference

Regarding algorithms that know us

Today there is a discipline called modeling users that begins from data collected by digital exchanges to trace profiles of persons and make them personalized offers. In marketing, it is called “conversion” the moment when user makes a purchase. We could think that in that moment we “convert ourselves” into what the algorithm expected from us.

Sonia Jalfin

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