Rebuilding with greater strength and projection

Leonardo Boff says that “we need to acknowledge that our tree was mutilated: they cut off the treetop, tore off the leaves, destroyed the flowers and fruits, abated the trunk and pulled off the roots. What is left after nothing is left? The essential remained, which the induced mourning cannot destroy: the seed remained. In it, there are the potential roots, trunk, leaves, flowers, fruits and leafy top. We will start over more firmly as we are more experienced, more experienced because we endured more, more endured because we are more determined to follow a new dream.”

That is how it will be; we will rebuild what was destroyed, stolen, but with greater strength and projection. It is worth clarifying this expression.

The minority that controls the world, its destiny, global course, does that based on the economic and decisional power they have. When social and environmental circumstances become so negative that they threat to slide off concentration, transformation spaces open up. The first reaction, most welcome, is to impose redistributive strategies to incomes withheld by concentrated groups; they comfort and help the so harshly punished to stand up. Afterwards, with firm determination and wise prudence, it will be necessary also to redistribute economic and decisional power by dismantling the engines that sustain concentration. There will be national and local paths to achieve this as well as geopolitical trajectories than cannot be ignored.

In that direction is Opinion Sur’s work orientated. We hope our articles can contribute to such purpose.



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