Mistakes, consequences, and hopes

In a world where information and analysis are severely concentrated in powerful minorities, it does not surprise us the bias with which “the” reality is presented. That leads to a mistaken perception of situations, needs, priorities and feelings. Tremendous are the consequences, from serious geopolitical conflicts to environmental destruction, wealth concentration, social disarticulation, all types of inequities, permanent social and economic instability.

Access to land is a vital necessity for large population sectors. However, its property has concentrated rapidly forcing migrations and conditioning the use of the land. How to tackle this challenge so that planned popular settlements can be established and family agriculture extended?

Coronavirus made humanity stop at the edge of an abyss but it is also showing that other worlds are possible. More and more people search for new ways of connecting with themselves, with others, with the earth, with life. The Good Living (Sumak Kawsay, or the splendid existence in Quechua) offers powerful answers to many contemporary problems. In this perspective, care becomes the primal law, developing the bonding intelligence and union around reciprocal trust to imagine and build renascent worlds.

The articles that follow address these critical issues. We believe they will be of interest for you


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