Large players and subdued majorities

The world is still in turmoil, thousands of outbreaks are in flames and, from time to time, they moderate; but they are never extinguished. Large players cling to the global cox; they are central countries and large economic conglomerates that determine planetary destiny like non-elected emperors. The imposed trajectory privileges a 10% of the world population and punishes the rest. Such “rest” refers to large population majorities, some subdued with direct repression or repressive deterrence and others through colonization of their minds to bring them closer to their victimizers. There is much to be informed about, listen, discuss, understand, explore, much to change. In this turbulent context, it will be difficult to revert the predominance of the few over so many without increasing clarification and social organization.

Nothing simple is entailed by larger challenges. It is about preserving Mother Earth, the diversity that enriches, fraternal respect and caring of the other, the selection of new trajectories. It has to do with the significance and sense of our lives.


The Editors

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