Labyrinths and epics

From this small window, Opinion Sur, we watch over the world. We pay close attention to understand something so complex, with billions of actors, disproportion of powers, incredible diversity of interests, beliefs, needs. We see volcanos of conflicts, tensions, meanness and altruism; also breezes of love and fraternity.

In dark nights, once fog and short-sightedness are dissipated, other suns-stars will rise probably with planets, small part of our galaxy. It has been said that there are innumerable galaxies, that make universe great, bottomless, perhaps infinite.

Corpuscle of this universe, so diminutive we are. However, so much shouting and fear, confrontations that hurt and punish, unprotected brothers and sisters, drip mercy. Walkers with distrusts and few flowers; others firm, pores of help and joy, they see without deviating sight.

We cannot be intimidated by the immensities, only knowing that they exist. On the age-long march we will have to choose.

Will we continue camping on wetlands or will we cultivate the valleys?

There will be no-end labyrinths or each generation in its epics.


The Editors

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