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Njambre Aceleradora

It identifies small producers who have the potential of becoming consistent social enterprises. Njambre Aceleradora takes risks along small producers and co-manages the social enterprises generating high added value and significantly widening the success possibilities of the companies. Value is given to the fundamental role that access to seed capital plays, the community where it works and the access to strategic contacts in order to approach sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems.

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The organization promotes a collaborative environment, of exchange and interaction between artists, technicians and social and cultural workers offering their locations and equipment for open-source and self-management projects. It constitutes a free debate and creation space, a place for new perceptions and experiences, with the aim of mixing together technologic and artistic possibilities with new cultural and social perspectives. It is an exACTa (Argentinean Art, Culture and Technology Experiences) Foundation initiative and counts with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) support.

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The casino ruling the world

It is a lucid and well-founded analysis of the frauds and traps of financial capitalism that have generated the politic, economic and social crisis currently striking the most powerful western countries. Author: Juan Hernández Vigueras. Publishers: Le Monde Diplomatique/ Intellectual Capital.

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