How many horrible leaders!

How did we get to choose so many mediocre leaders, disoriented, coopted by power, horrible in terms of ethics and their motivations, able in forcing perks for themselves and their own, very far from state-persons orientated towards general wellbeing, environment protection, pacific solution of controversies and antagonisms! There might be democratic flaws, irresponsible oversights, or power that keeps on concentrating and dominates other paths, other courses, other ways of functioning. How can we not see that the planet is in danger, that large majorities live in poverty, indigence, despair and desperation for surviving; that frustrations overwhelm when inequity, injustices, and prepotency of submission emerge! Meanness drives away solidarity and imposition, creativity. However, there are billions of people of goodwill, effort, and work, those who are unaware of the superfluous consumption, unnecessary goods, fiscal havens and profit as life organizer.

Perhaps democracies were born captured by those who kept control over the instruments used for colonizing minds and formatting subjectivities. Those who control information and impose their perspectives for interpreting what happens, decide what is important and how much needs to be concealed or discharged, neutralize other opinions, sterilize transforming wills. Their voices sound everywhere; with accomplice echoes that turn hegemonic.

History of humanity shows that there are no linear trajectories and that each generation chooses paths with their borders full of, on one side, naïve voluntarisms and, on the other side, biased fatalisms. A free though conditioned will was able to promote in a thousand ways the clarification and organization of peoples; with imperfections and achievements, with advances and setbacks, making it up along the way. We need to recognize the transforming impulse, gather ourselves in inclusive organizations where each voice can be heard, each longing incorporated in a collective ensemble. It is not easy but it is possible to get out of the imposed stalemates. Stripped of arrogance, everybody contributing; from the neighborhoods up to the new global architectures. What is specific and the context. There is where many of us stand.


The Editors

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