Global hypocrisy, sordid interests

When it comes to solving the outrage of world hunger, diseases that can be prevented, environmental deterioration, the agony of injustice and induced addictions, there is no availability of the resources needed; but when it comes to preserving sordid interests through wars or financing the unfair bailout of unbridled speculators, then resources appear even if their own people have to be squeezed or others extorted. Wealthy societies and large corporations count the dimes they are willing to allocate in order to face hunger, diseases that can be prevented, environmental deterioration, the agony of injustice and induced addictions. To top it all off, they add further indignity to their behavior bragging in their media about the effort they make.

The behavior that knows no shame and mocks compassion for other living beings is revolting. Brought up in hypocrisy, greed and deceit, bearers of outrageous privileges ravage anything to impose their interests; dismissing all transparent and effective social or environmental responsibility.

Conversely, resources appear when large privileges are threatened and it comes to preserving the power that derives from them, even if their own people have to be squeezed and others extorted. This is what happens today in European countries to save banks and creditors that speculated feverishly. Who can possibly believe those responsible for generating such crisis would emerge from it poor or destitute? Absolutely no one.

The scoundrels will once again manage to transfer the costs of the crisis to the already burdened shoulders of working class families, to mid and low income sectors that will have to endure unemployment, wages and social services being cut back, and bear the anguish of receding while they watch wealth and incomes concentrate even more.

Those sordid interests will also try to make other people who had nothing to do with the speculative frenzy pay for the ill-gotten profits. To accomplish it they count with subtle economic mechanisms of extraction of value [[See [article Differenciating generation, redistribution and extraction of value included in the past march 2012 issue of Opinión Su->].]] that favor interests and privileges that could not be defended in an open field.

We are witnessing a phenomenal transference of bankruptcies generated by financial speculators onto the rest of European society and we are preparing in the Southern Hemisphere to resist the already initiated attempts of wealthier countries to also transfer onto us the highest amount possible of that cost.

It is no mystery how to correct that trajectory of confrontation and permanent extraction of value; to present it today as the only possible alternative is a huge lie that entails a new scam. Today there are far superior alternatives capable to successfully face the disaster generated by certain minorities that of course are unwilling to assume their responsibility by resigning privileges. It is precisely there where great part of the current global challenge lies: dismantling privileges that compromise the global trajectory.

To face such a challenge a double mobilization will be necessary. To begin with, social mobilizations that can occur in democratic regimes despite the flaws and obstacles that today prevail within them; mobilizations that begin with the understanding of what happens and its consequences, which enables organizing wills that can then project themselves into the political sphere.

However, in order to accomplish adjusting the systemic course and transforming the way of functioning without reproducing contemporary flaws [[Among others, economic and media concentration, environmental deterioration, social inequity, poverty and destitution, irresponsible consumerism, organized crime, violent resolution of conflicts, not respecting diversity and all human rights, existential alienation and addictions. ]] it is necessary to work, simultaneously, within the conscience of each one of us. The values guiding our actions and how they affect everyday reality will have to be reflected upon. Greed, selfishness, deceit, evasion of responsibilities, wild competitiveness, belittling others, brands the individual and social trajectory.

There are essential issues in global functioning that need to be transformed; they are evident beyond all efforts to hide them or repress the billions of people affected by them. They are worth mentioning once again.

An international system composed by a few rich countries and many others miserable is not sustainable, nor are countries where privileged minorities concentrate incomes while there are vast sectors lagged or excluded; and a planet where excesses of a few (around 20% of mankind) and uncovered needs of the rest produce environmental deterioration of eventually catastrophic proportions, is not sustainable either.

It is necessary to react to the hypocrisy of those who impose decisions that lead to protecting the sordid interests of absolute minorities. Their privileges thwart the possibility of social and global collaboration. ‘I and we go first and the rest should manage as they can’ is no longer a tolerable behavior. Not only for ethical and social justice reasons but, also, because it undermines the necessary foundations of solidarity and social cohesion to abolish the recurrent instability of the prevailing global course.

While closing these lines I stop to think of how critical is the determination that individuals, families and small communities can exercise to address these profound transformations. And I also reflect upon the fact that each one of us could feel these challenges exceed our range of action. That we can at best chose the right political and social representatives and demand them to undertake the type of transformation our countries and the planet so imperiously need; a critical political decision but that does not exhaust our responsibility. There is much more we can do in our family and social context. It would be terrible to conclude that, since I feel the impact my actions can have in the transformation of reality is so insignificant, then I will end up doing nothing. If I were to act in such a manner, I would be validating an order of things that demeans our humanity and also, as hurtful as it may be to think of, I would be giving up something valuable we carry deep within (at times numbed by different forms of alienation but always present): the permanent search for meaning and the existential anguish caused by surrendering or betraying ourselves.

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