Evils and hopes in the path of humanity

In more than one occasion, democracies are taken by assault leveraging on the system’s defects. Their authors take advantage of democratic means to win power and, after conquering it, deny their adversaries all the means that were granted to them when they were opposition; once installed in power, they try to destroy the democratic process. With such danger always latent, democracies can well die through democratic means, equally or better than by a coup d’état or military demand. The article The strategy of Behemoth analyzes this dramatic challenge to the democratic coexistence in global terms, particularly focusing on the electoral process in United States.

Analysts of fiscal havens estimate that around 30% of resources hidden there come from organized crime, 10% from corruption, and 60% from large corporations and wealthy individuals. The latter operate as “honorable” actors, but they flight ill-gotten surpluses that were appropriated from those who were not able to protect themselves from such expropriation. In previous issues, Opinion Sur detailed some of the mechanisms that lead to the huge concentration of wealth and decisional power that prevails in the world, leaving large majorities cornered up in spaces of harsh survival. Popular economy is a critical part of those spaces. The article More than handouts, excellence support for popular economy explores ways of exiting from this opprobrious trap.

In this context of unbridled greed, belittlement of others, environmental destruction, aberrant acts of massacres and genocides occur, millions of deaths due to wars and dictatorships. Seventy-five years ago, the world trembled with the launch of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two populous cities in Japan. The article Hiroshima, Nagasaki, we is a lacerating memory of those deaths including the narration of one of the survivors that wrinkles the soul.

To what extent will evils go? Despite them, hope for a better world regrows one and a thousand times. There is where we are; it will be nonsense to give in.


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