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Democracies’ future

Nowadays, democracies go through a transition phase full of risks and opportunities. In the United States and European countries, in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America, democracies were not able to move away from a suicidal trajectory towards the most abject wealth concentration and environmental destruction. This route of democracies is not only appalling but also unsustainable. As it is always the case with “troubled waters,” unscrupulous fishermen rush to take advantage of the situation, while large majorities startlingly observe the social and environmental destiny that falls upon them.

It is not the time to give away the new opportunity spaces that turbulences open. We should rise up and carve new democratic ways, free from the traps and pettiness that the hegemonic democracy type that has been imposed on us carries with it, as if it were the only possible type. In this issue of Opinion Sur, we address this prickly but critical question. We need to collectively build another type of democracy; each person will have something to say and propose and then act accordingly.



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