Concentration of wealth and decisional power

Among so many questions and circumstances that are intermingled in the world, one of the most significant processes is the concentration of wealth and decisional power. We say it is highly significant because the forces that emerge from this process have erected themselves as organizers of the national and global functioning. That is, they influence in such a way that almost every national economic system and, of course, the global functioning have adjusted, and to a great extent subordinated, to serve the interests of these elites, the dominators of the world and countries course. Citizens no longer freely mold their destiny but rather the “markets” do so, those that allegedly integrate the totality of producers and consumers of each country but, truly, exclude, “leave out,” numerous people that have the potential to produce and imperative need of consuming to cover basic needs and live with dignity. The concentrating functioning segments world population between those few who have and the many who do not have access to strategic decisions. The situation becomes so dramatic that “markets” end up deciding which small minorities consume the best, immersed into a conspicuous material wellbeing; who, as medium sectors, lagged behind in a world crossed by growing inequalities that freeze or setback their material wellbeing. And those who, as large segments of the world population barely subsist in poverty or die in indigence. Remains to be questioned how is wellbeing conceived today and why the material or individualistic is deified instead of giving prevalence to the consideration between persons, solidarity, community integration and the protection of the planet.

Opinion Sur has published articles and books that analyze socioeconomic and geopolitical dimensions and impacts of the concentrating dynamics, as well as strategies and measures to dismantle them. These analyses certainly have been incomplete or partial as it is inherent to any knowledge and, even though we have made the effort of using simple language, many times they were not appropriate for larger audiences. Through a series of dissemination videos, we will try to correct any communicational biases without sacrificing substantive preciseness. We will practice and correct on the go. The first video presents a very general vision on the concentrating process and can be seen at this link.



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