Changes that come, would they be for restoring or transforming?

Global trajectory is loaded with geopolitical conflicts, social reactions against huge inequalities, poverty, and indigence. Opulence grows, unbridled, blind, and alienated. Leaderships represent less and less the majorities and they are part of the oppressing minorities. The planet is more threatened than ever. Is this the sustainability of economies, social relations, and precious nature? Do we by chance grow in fellowship, respect, and solidarity with the most adversely affected?

Rage, frustration, pain, abandonment swirl the waters that can make us follow sirens’ calls, replace current submission for new submissions; fatal risks with atrocious consequences.

However, there is no lack of good-will people and groups, clarified, creative beings, sensible to others’ pain and capable of envisioning other societies substantially lighter in malice and selfishness. Maybe they are majorities within majorities. Perhaps, yes, there are bases and foundations of a better world. Of course, it will be necessary to tense efforts without losing the transforming compasses. We would need to dismantle perverse concentrating mechanisms, preserve valuable accomplishments already achieved, and, in the highest of priorities, dare to think outside the hegemonies that stupefy and silence, innovate in the heterogeneity and diversity that enrich us, imagine untraveled courses and until now nonexistent ways of functioning.

Changes are coming and we will need to choose between punishing ourselves with new concealments and forging our future, homes, and nations in peace. More than ever, we need clarification, organization, values that unite, the work of everybody for everybody, away from speculation, without appropriating what others produce.


The Editors

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