Jubilee of Loving Kindness

Since this December, the Catholic Church is celebrating the Jubilee of Loving Kindness; Opinion Sur decided to reprint two related articles. The first one, written in April 2013, stated that loving kindness (which Francisco strongly stressed) gets stronger with understanding. The second one extracts some paragraphs from the Evangelii Gaudium Encyclical delivered in December of the same year, which is the best answer given by the Pope that we could have imagined. It is worth noting that Francisco does not know Opinion Sur but, miraculously or not, there was a wonderful synchronicity.

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To deepen transformations considering new circumstances

When a transforming process has overcome the installation phase, it needs to deepen and institutionalize the changes to ensure their continuation. In this critical phase new circumstances and challenges emerge which, if not carefully considered, might compromise the accomplished transformations.

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What should be included in the educational process

Generally the educational process of society and its institutions, such as the network of schools and universities, lags behind the changes they produce. The eventual processes are not foreseen, and it is hard to make the necessary changes to keep up with them.

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