Citizenship and re-founding project in Brazil

Citizenship has several dimensions: it is political-participatory, economic-productive, popular-inclusive, con-citizen, ecological, and finally earthly. In the current context of an exception regime that does not respect but rather hurts citizenship of an entire people, we need to delve into this subject.

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The reaction against the reaction The voice that is raised against the raised hand

Yes, they have come back, as if history has not inflicted them a chastisement. They call themselves populists but they are fascists from old and new strains. They are reactionary and popular. Against this movement, as always, what stand up are the voice of reason and the report of the lie that parades in the name of the people. As almost always, the voice of reason is impotent, except as testimony and warning. I want to add my voice to such voice. Against fascism, together with. Miguel de Unamuno, we must say: “You will win because you have enough brute force, but you will not convince. To convince you need to persuade and to persuade you need something you lack: reason and right in the fight.”

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