Geo and Politics: Or how to avoid the wrath of the gods

The word Geopolitics is an association of these two terms that are in conflict today: the planet and the system of social relations. This conflict is more evident everyday and demands more political soundness, because Geo’s response, that is mother earth’s, could be terrible and undisputable

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USA, where does the true scandal lie?

It is curious and sad to witness the transformation of an imperial republic into a banana republic.  When the first world power succumbs to this degradation, the central contradiction of the economic system accelerates and intensifies. The official scandal conceals the deep-rooted scandal.

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Geopolitical Kaleidoscope or how to lose and win hegemony

Sic transit gloria mundi (Thus passes the glory of the world). With dizzying speed the world’s geopolitical board is rearranged. American hegemonic power is reduced while new initiatives are presented by other powers as well as by states and regions within the United States.

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