How to stop China?

The rise of China to a position that will soon catch up and even surpass American dominance in terms of economic power and technological forefront represents a challenge that Western

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Hélio Jaguaribe 1923-2018

From a generational and biological point of view, he could have been my father. From an intellectual point of view, he was. Helio Jaguaribe was a great Latin American patriot, …

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Those dusts brought these muds

Under Trump’s chaotic administration United States are heading towards an authoritarian, non-representative, and sloppy regime that will end up in a categorical division between states and regions. The dysfunctionalities of a constitutional model designed for another time and currently exploited by just one bi-cephalous party (plutocrats together with low reactionary sectors), have made a dictator apprentice climb up and perch onto power.

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