Transformation of value chains

Value chains are not immutable in regards to the way they are structured and function. This is because value chains emerge from a group of factors that change over time; in particular they evolve according to the modifications that take place in the relations among the diverse participating actors. Usually the most powerful actors impose their interests which is materialized in the way the chain they lead is structured and functions. That there are no better options is a falsehood that they try to install to discourage transforming attempts.

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Freeing captured democracies

Democracies are captured by the prevailing economic power with the complicity of some sectors of politics, the media, and the judiciary. They use diverse mechanisms to seize or condition the State, imposing a course and way of functioning that favors their privileges and promotes a huge concentration of wealth at the expense of the rest of society. Freeing captured democracies demands developing a social and political organization as a counter-power able to dismantling those mechanisms.

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Terminal corruption

Terminal corruption endangers the planet and humanity; it entails an infinitely larger damage than the micro, small or middle corruption that large media networks persist on showing time after time.

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