Shared effort by the entire society: hypocrisy and ignominy

Faced with crises that dominant sectors generated, or at least, seriously enlarged, their political representatives with hypocrisy and ignominy call on society to share the recovery and development effort. While they ask the people to accept sacrifices to generate a virtuous future together, they keep on with the capital flight towards tax havens and impose rescue plans and economic and cultural policies to protect their privileges and businesses.

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Domination is permanently transformed

Domination and submission have existed since ancient times with phases of impious savagery and others more moderate. Domination is transformed with time and change of circumstances, but a few times it has been fully eliminated. Is this unavoidable? Is there a way to break that terrible historical trajectory, especially during this phase of the so-called “capitalist realism” that, as always, presents itself as eternal and unmovable? There are those who believe that what is presented as impossible can become possible.

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Dismantle the concentration engines

Faced with the destructive dynamic imposed by the concentration process of wealth and decisional power, it is critical to understand what happens and, in particular, why the processes develop the way they do. Social clarification should not fall behind the changing circumstances and the ability of oppressors to generate new and diverse mechanisms of submission. The engines that boost concentration are at the hard core of contemporary reality that is necessary to transform.

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