Protect our countries in prevention of another serious global crisis

It is highly likely that the reckless concentration of wealth that prevails in the world today will result in another serious global crisis. In sight of that possibility, countries should take preventive measures not to be postponed to reduce as much as possible their vulnerability to external crises. This implies transforming those internal factors and ways of connecting with the world that may act as transmission chains for destructive impacts.

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Subduing by colonizing the minds

The colonization of the minds is a subduing instrument of societies that are forced to support, or at least ignore, policies that infringe upon their own interests and needs. These policies, promoted by privileged minorities, preserve and reproduce subduing situations.

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Captured democracies

It has taken centuries to replace autocratic for democratic governments to let our democracies end up captured by very powerful minorities. Despite new ways and circumstances, the challenge that humanity faces since ancient times to make progress in equity, justice, and solidarity is still in force.

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