Another globalization

When talking about globalization that prevails in the world today, it is referred to as the only possible one, a “natural,” unavoidable, and irreversible one, which is not true. This globalization is functional to large economic-power groups in search for expanding their interests beyond national frontiers. There are other options worth considering.

One option is to resist globalization by entrenching behind feeble barricades; another is to try ameliorate some of its impacts. However, one option that does not appear in agendas imposed by dominators is to transform present globalization and give way to another one orientated to caring for the environment and serving large population majorities while respecting diversity and singularity of circumstances. This new globalization would dismantle the tremendous process of concentration of wealth and decisional power, mobilizing the potential of the entire global society. It would establish a geopolitical, economic, and commercial order based on equity and collaboration among countries and nations; a global architecture that would include hard taxes on financial capital and regulations that prevent their speculative movements, reduce commercial oligopolies and military industries, establish universal health and education, a fairer distribution of saving and investment flows, eliminate fiscal havens and the tenebrous fabric of tax evasion and capital flight, that would establish systemic risk-assessment firms replacing those that are oriented solely to protect the lucrative drive apart from its social and environmental effects.

Of course, it is possible and desirable to establish another type of globalization; with these and other characteristics. The survival of the planet and general wellbeing demand a new course and a better and fairer global functioning. The magnitude of challenges to tackle should not frighten us, but rather the absence of alternative visions and proposals. It is time to transform and transform us.


The Editors

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